Why I Started Free Idiots

I still remember my school days, when my teachers asked the class about our ambition in life and my friends with common answers came up like Engineer, Doctor, IAS Officer or a Teacher. I was the one who said I want to be a businessman. Entrepreneur was the word which I must have used but I was too young to be familiar with this word.

I was good at studies and creativity was something which was all inside me. I was attracted very much towards the management courses as I thought it was something which could bless me with good business knowledge. It was 2007, when I passed my 12th examination and was appearing for engineering entrances as some of my family member brought the forms themselves and handed over as if it was Step 2 after completing the Step 1 of completing my schools. But I really didn't enjoy studying Physics and Chemistry to prepare for those tests.

I kept on looking for something as an alternative to this. I was in Delhi with my friends and was tensed and worried for admissions. One day I was going through Jamia Millia Islamia's prospectus to have an eye over all the courses listed in it. I saw something which brought interests towards it. BIBF was the course (Bachelor of International Business and Finance).

I ran immediately to the University and bought a form, filled and submitted the same day. I appeared for that test and Unbelievable surprise for me it was when the result was declared. OMG! I was the topper. What the Luck !

I was happy, extremely joyful but till the time I conveyed this to my mom. I wish the movie 3 Idiots would have been released some years back. She was so unhappy as if I committed a crime thinking to do something other than engineering. I was forced to go to Kota and take admission in a coaching class. Honestly speaking, I never enjoyed those coaching classes, neither my engineering academics from a private college nor my job 9-6 which was such a boring one. Everyday it made me think, that is that this Job for which my mom wanted me to do engineering?

My feelings were normal as all those who do what they don't love feels the same. I am not the alone there are many who are not able to do what they want under the pressure from parents, or in influence of social reputation or lack of awareness and support. Figuring this problem in our society and experiencing the same on myself made me take this initiative to guide, inspire and motivate students to follow their passion rather than moving behind crowd. Free Idiots is all about bringing the right career awareness to students at right time. The name Free Idiots is actually been set under the influence of the Blockbuster movie 3 Idiots which has impacted millions of people across the world to follow their passion.

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