We need women at all levels!

What made me write up this is the current scenario of education system of Indian girls. The stereotypical thought of Indian family "Girls don't need to earn". For most of the Indian family "Girls should go for Medical, Teacher or Bank". Mostly this is only in the case of mediocre or say educated family but the lower division doesn't even find a reason to send their girl child in school. The outcome of this is really unbearable and sarcastic. As we all have heard "If a girl is educated, the family is educated". If a little girl is bossy, she has leadership quality. She can be next Indra Gandhi or Indra Nooyi. If she is good in art, she can b an artist. Maybe the next Madhuri Dixit or Kanika Kapoor . If she takes intrest in sports, she can b the next Sania Mirza. If she takes interest in Science, it doesn't mean that she could only be a Doctor, She could be next Kalpana Chawla. Girls have proved it every time that they are not puppets to be in home or a show material. From Olympics to Politics, women have glorified presence. And it's high time to set your girl child free for choosing her career and letting her decide her path.

We have many female legend in this country and each one is diversified in nature. Chinta Ramakrishna Deputy MD, NSE she runs the National Stock Exchange where shares worth 9,000 crores are bought & sold daily. Pinky Anand Supreme Court Lawyer who does not shy away from controversy, weather it be constitutional, corporate or civil matters. Amita Beg Heritage Conservationist, she is devoted to preserving the past. Dayanita Singh Photographer, she is country's most widely acknowledged art photographer. Seema Dhundia Commandant CRPF, she is the contigent commander of the UN's. Julan Goswami Cricketer, she is the fastest female bowler in the world. These women have chosen to go along the way they dreamt of and lived for. Over the globe, people know them for their skills. And so we need to help our girl child and support them to live their dreams as all of these women have excelled in fields which our Indian family doesn't find suitable for their girl child.

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