Roads less traveled: My journey as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Only the best is good enough "

This quotes perfectly fits to aviation industry. After clearing the AMEEE, I got admission in IIAG, Approved by DGCA.

At first I was so tensed how this journey will go, but as we settled there in a week I found myself that I was in a very rare to opt field and could feel the difference. The zeal among the senior and aura around created the difference. I was no longer in contact with logarithmic and algebra. I learned what I was not taught before and not heard before. I was being an engineer with no maths problem and no chemical reactions. It was strange for all of us. In no longer time I found out that there is no other career opportunity than AME that gives you an option of practical hands-on training from the beginning of curriculum I got to feel and talk to flying machines out there.

There is a good amount of hard work and perseverance with dedication required to transform you into a person who will be responsible for ensuring the safety of lives of so many people. I would like to compare an AME with a doctor and why I am persistently emphasizing on this fact is like a doctor takes care of its patients and their well-being similarly AME takes care of the plane, they ensure that the plane is perfect to take off .

India being a developing nation has opened new avenues of growth and opportunities in terms of job. The rapidly changing field of aviation has opened up scope for new aviation companies to enter in this field.

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