In the wake of Covid 19, Career Counseling has become even more important!

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made great loss to lives of human beings. For the first time students of schools and colleges had got the experience to stay at home for such a long time and carry the learning activities completely online. Some people had to see the unexpected cut in their salary while some lost their jobs all of a sudden. Businesses suffered too, travelling is still not resumed as usual. In a nutshell, this pandemic hit almost everybody in one or another way.

Unexpected events affected our habitual routines, pushed us out of our comfort zones, and changed the way we see things, choices and life as a whole. Many students, jobseekers, professionals and entrepreneurs underwent depression due to loss of opportunities during this pandemic.

The importance of lifelong guidance has become more important than ever for younger students and professionals. Many fresh graduates are waiting to kickstart their career while many professionals are planning to re-start their career again. When you're not sure what the future will bring, or when your life takes an unexpected turn, it makes a complete sense to pursue a diverse portfolio of options rather than just sticking single-mindedly to one.

Life is all about adaptation, adjustment and survival.

Today, the path to your next career will be not be an easy thing to choose. You have to be logical and smarter than ever. It’s good to let yourself imagine a divergent set of possible selves and futures. Embrace that process and explore as many of them as you can.

Career Counseling will make that easy for you! A good career counselor will try to understand your situation well, guide you with the best of their knowledge and experience. A good counselor can guide you during career transitions with predicted shifts in the job market and with extreme increases in unemployment, upskilling and reskilling needs.

After all, a Career Counselor's job is to keep you stick to the job, the right job.

You simply have to be clear about what you want to do, or why you want a change under the guidance of a career counselor and that can help you discover hidden possibilities.

Life is no more about settling down. You have to keep designing your life continuously according the circumstances, challenges and possibilities. There's a lot to learn from this Pandemic! Isn't it?

Most students do the mistake relying completely on advice of their friends, relatives and parents which isn’t sufficient to lay the right foundation of your entire career. The world is transforming exponentially and in order to survive one must adapt and evolve continuously in the given scenario. So, whenever you're stuck to make a career related decision and be in a dilemma to choose between career choices, unsure about your skills and abilities, look for an expert career counselor to help you get going ahead smoothly. The world today is in hunt of people who are future ready and skilled. Career counselling prepares students and budding professionals for these challenges and gives them an edge over others.

Making the right career decision is important and so is the importance of making it at the right time And the right time is NOW.

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