Finding a perfect career fit!

Every year, countless students drop out of college or university before completing their first year. According to a study the number one reason for this is a “lack of clarity concerning education and career goals.”

Many factors go into choosing a college or university program—including parental and/or peer influence, perception of future career opportunities, and proximity to or distance from home—but research has found that finding the right fit for your interests, personality and aspirations is the best indicator of persistence and success in your educational journey.

Before choosing your own p

ost-secondary destination, especially if you are entertaining any doubts, career counselors recommend that you start with self-assessment. “Individuals should carefully consider and assess their abilities, interests, values and personality as a first step in career planning. “Next, explore all of the possible career options that align with your self-assessment. Once you’ve developed a list of potential careers, do the research to drill down to specific career options. Only when these steps are met you should plan your career options.

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