Confused about career?

Not sure what you're good at?

Unaware about the options

available for you?

We at Free Idiots, help students identify and pursue their passion. We do not just suggest you about which course to opt but we show you the perfect career path best suited for you. 

      On an average a person spends one-third of their life at work. Therefore, it's important that you enjoy your Career!

And that's the reason Career Counseling plays an important role in your Life.

Therapy Session
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Our Process

  • We start with an assessment to figure out your passion, skills and interest area.

  • We then pair you with an experienced career counselor who will properly asses and understand you.

  • Identifying your needs we suggest the best approach and roadmap for your career path.

  • We always give personalized recommendation.

  • We guide you through career exploration, career transition, branding, and other career-related issues.

  • We provide Private and confidential one-on-one, meeting with a counselor offline or online.

  • We help you succeed to effectively work on your plans.

Who can benefit from Career counseling?

If students are not completely aware of their career choices ahead of themselves, it's possible that they might opt a wrong field that doesn't benefits them in any way in the future thus making them frustrated in life.

School Students

Whether you want to get a job or pursue higher studies, you will require career guidance after you graduate. Career counselling will prepare you  for an immediate sense of achievement and will make you ready for successful professional life ahead.    

College Students

Not able to find opportunities may turn frustrating. Proper Counseling will motivate you and fill you with confidence, encourage you to move forward with a new improved  plan where you make better moves and touch success soon.

Unemployed Persons

Every job and career has its pros and cons  but it is important to be able to see oneself doing something similar for at least the next 10 years and be satisfied with it. If you don't enjoy what yo do, you need to explore other areas and see where's your fit.

Working Professionals

Some potential topics of discussion in career counseling

  • Particular skills or talents required in your dream career

  • The educational commitment required of various careers.

  • The potential earnings of various careers.

  • The work environment in a particular career sector. Some people enjoy working in an office, while others might be more successful in a fast-paced or outdoor environment.

  • The chances for change or advancement in the sectors you want to get into. Some career sectors have flexibility to change within the options available in that domain. Law and medicines, for example, offers various flexible specialties. 

  • Pros and Cons of all desired career options.

  • Future possibility of opportunities.

Career Counseling Discussion
Serious Conversation

When does one need Career Counseling?

The best time to get a career counseling are:

  • ​In Class 10th because most students are confused with the stream selection for senior secondary schools.

  • In Class 12th because it's the stage where decision on career selection matters the most. It's a challenge to decide what to study in Bachelors.

  • In final year of your bachelors program if you're confused whether to go for higher studies or job.

  • During your job, if you're not enjoying what you do.

  • After a long break in your career.

  • When you're confused to continue with the 9-6 job or to switch to work as an entrepreneur on your ideas.

Are you looking for a Career Counselor

who can help you with the right choice?

Our team of expert career counselors at Free Idiots can understand you well, help you figure out your passion and suggest the right career path best suited to your potentials. Don't worry! We won't just give you suggestions but a complete roadmap to go along towards the way of success, satisfaction and pleasure.

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