A Step towards Youth Empowerment

Report says 800 million human jobs will be replaced by Automation by 2030. The jobs which we have today didn’t exist 10 years ago and may disappear 10 years later. 

Gone are the days when just getting traditional education were good enough to build a satisfactory career. Choosing the area of study and career stream has become more tricky nowadays. We have seen cases were students after passing their high schools are so confused about their higher studies and career. Also we discovered that students in schools lack in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial approach. Having discovered this gap, like minded people joined together to start Free Idiots to guide young generation all over India and abroad right from their Middle School.

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We are India's leading Education and Professional Services Provider. We believe Education is not just a piece of degree but the overall personality of an individual which can be observed in an individual's attitude, character, behavior and the way they live their life. And to bring that into picture we offer all possible services for an individual's personal and professional growth thus improving their quality of life. That's who we are! The 21st century Counselors, Mentors and Educators. We are Free Idiots.