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In today’s fast paced world,  kids often find themselves victimized to societal pressures of being the best at everything they do. The intense competition takes a toll and these young minds starts to feel inferior and gets demotivated. This mind-set leads to the notion of Me vs The World. Hence, it is crucial for young students to imbibe, develop critical skills & habits to prepare themselves for becoming the next-generation leaders.

Transforming Lives Through
Counseling, Coaching & Mentoring

We help young people discover their passion and purpose in Life and develop the right skills to work on them under the guidance of expert counselors, mentors and coaches.

Career Guidance by Free Idiots in India.

Our Services

Career Counseling

We offer Career Counseling Services to students of all age groups, jobseekers and Professionals by helping them discover their passion, skillset and interest areas.

Personal Growth Training

Our expert trainers teach strategies and frameworks for personal growth, goal setting, and self improvement through personalized and group mentoring both online and offline.

Overseas Study Solutions

We help students choose the right country, right course and right school for their higher studies abroad, helping them throughout the admission process.

English & Communication

Being able to speak and write really well is a powerful ability. Our Trainers  will quickly boost your English communication skills by helping you learn the right way.

Resume Writing

Writing an effective resume is not everyone's cup of tea. Therefore we help freshers and professionals of all levels with exciting resume to help them stand out.

Technology Training

We have amazing trainers who can help you learn the latest technologies to help you get the right skills and knowledge for your Career. in the field of technology.

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